Day 24: Research Paper Outlines and Verb Choice

Today you will learn to:

--Compare and contrast various outline structures for a research paper. 
--Identify strong and weak verbs in sentences. 
--Distinguish between factive and non-factive verbs.
--Creating an outline (headings and subheadings) for your research paper, based on your literature review and your key topics.

Before we start discussing today's material, discuss the following questions in groups of four:

--Why is a research paper outline important?
--What subheadings should it contain?
--At what point of the writing process is it important to create an outline?
--Have you ever written an outline for a research paper? If so, what do you find most helpful? If not, what do expect will be benefits and challenges of writing an outline of the research paper?

Lesson Materials:


Sample Outlines

Reporting Verbs

Outline OWL Purdue:

Link 1

Link 2


Prepare a detailed outline for your research paper, submit the document before our Wednesday lesson upload it to the Homework Folder. Call it Outline_FirstName_LastName.