Day 13: APA Citation Style

Important Announcements:

1. On 6th of March we go to the undergraduate library--Room 291--for a very useful lecture about the U of I library system and about how to find credible sources quickly and efficiently.
Click here to access the map.
You will have a great opportunity to ask any questions you have that are related to the aforementioned topics. So, think about possible questions you are longing to ask.
2. Very soon we are going to start a new unit where you will be required to write a research paper. So, to use this library day efficiently and to start looking for sources you need to think about a possible topic you would like to write about.
By 11 AM, Monday, March 4th send me an email with a Word Attachment called "RP Topic", write about the topic you would like to choose for your future research paper and in 100 words explain in how you are planning to develop that research paper of yours. Try to narrow your topic, do not just write "Engineering" or "Agriculture", try to be specific and concise. I will either approve or reject the topic and send you an email explaining my reasons for rejecting. If I reject your topic, you will have to repeat the whole procedure. It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE for you to have a chosen topic before a library day to benefit from the meeting. 
Attendance will be taken at the library day, make sure you are not late.   

APA Citation Style

We have already talked a lot about the importance of avoiding plagiarism and of citing your sources correctly. This lesson will help you get an idea of how to format your citations correctly, using APA citation style. 

Lesson Materials:

APA Citation Power Point

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet  --Submit your Wopksheet after class to your Class Notes folder, call it "APA Worksheet_LastName_Firtsname".

APA Sample Paper

APA Style Manual

OWL Purdue, APA Citations

Finally, watch this exceptionally helpful video on APA citation style prepared by Nyssa Bulkes. Go back to this video from time to time--when needed--to refresh the information. It DOES help a lot. I do it all the time myself. Do not try to memorize all these rules, you do not need that!!   


1. Read the second critical response, this time to Harriet Hall's paper. Click here to access the article.

2. By 4 PM, Monday, 03/04 Submit the first raw draft of your Summary-Critique of Branch's article. Click here to review the assignment requirements, including the volume of the work. Note: You do not have to perfectly polish formatting at this point, but the text of your critique should be ready to be submitted to your assigned peer during the next lesson. I will assign peers for peer-perception next lesson.