Day 10: Summary Critique--Introduction

Today we are starting a new Unit where we'll be discussing Summary Critique. At the end of the unit you will have to submit the second Major Assignment which we will be gradually building up by the daily engineering activities that we'll be doing in class and at home. The detailed information about the final major assignment for the Summary Critique Unit can be found here. Make sure you go through this information.

Summary Critique Overview

This Power Point will help you better understand the Summary Critique essence and structure.

Group Writing Activity

Open this article and read it. Then imagine you are about to write a critique based on the assumptions and conclusions of this article. Decide WHAT exactly you are going to critique and WHAT THESIS STATEMENT you might have. Write an introductory paragraph for your imaginary critique taking into consideration all the things you have to include in a healthy summary critique introduction.  

Directions for the Group Writing Activity:

  1. Read the article titled, “What Our Education System Needs is More F’s”
  2. Based on that article, practice forming the introduction sentence following the examples given in the handout.
  3. Then, work together to construct the introduction paragraph and a transitional thesis that follows the positive + negative or positive + positive construction.
  4. Upload the document to your Dropbox--'Class Notes' folder .
  5. The complete introductory paragraph is due at the start of the next class.

Watch this video if you still have questions about the essence and main goals of Summary Critique.

1. If you haven't finished the Group Writing Activity and haven't uploaded your introductory paragraph to your Dropbox.

2. Read the first research article to be able to discuss it in class on Wednesday. Click here to access the article. You do not have to understand all the graphs and tables, but you must have a clear idea of what the authors of the article are talking about and assuming. Make sure you do that, or else, it will be pointless to come to class on Wednesday.