Day 26: Clarity and Conciseness in Writing

Not only a writer has to make sure that their writing makes total sense to their readers! Not only they have to think about their audience and purpose of writing! Not only they have to check the PIE structure of their paragraphs and grammar mistakes in the text... A writer should also aspire to writing concisely. But what does it mean to write concisely? Does it mean to have shorter sentences? Does it mean not to have long words in your sentences? What do you think?

The answer is NOT AT ALL! None of the aforementioned things makes your writing more concise and clear. Then you have every write to ask What does?
This lesson will teach you how write clear and concise and will show you the advantage of doing so.       

Let us first look at this PPT

As you can see from the PowerPoint writing concisely is all about choosing the words that express precisely what you mean to express.

I recommend YOU ALL to have a look at this source and review the usage of articles in the English language. Especially, if articles are still all Creek to you.

This OWL Purdue can be also helpful in reviewing the usage of articles!


1. Choose one of your IRP paragraphs; copy and paste it into a new Word Document. Check it for conciseness, write your comments on the margins, just like I do for the feedback, suggesting how you could reformulate some sentences or change some words to make sure your writing is concise and clear. The assignment has to be finished before our Wednesday class. Save the document in your Class Notes Folder, call it Conciseness_FirstName_LastName.   

2. Your IRP is due on 3rd of May, 2013 by 11:59 PM.

3. And do not forget that to pass the course you will have to write the second reflective essay on the following topic "How the ESL 501 Writing Course influenced my writing". Please reflect on how your writing has changed as the result of you taking this course. If you feel that your writing has not changed at all, then please talk about the possible reasons of why that could be the case.
Submit this work as "Reflective Essay #2" to your Reflective Essays folder by or before 11:59 PM on 4/30/ 2013.