Day 12: Evaluating Sources

Today we will talk about the importance of critically evaluating the sources that you read before writing any academic paper.
The World is full of books, academic journals, newspapers, magazines... Sometimes it is difficult to say which source should we choose in this or that particular writing situation.

Now let us discuss the questions from the "Why Critically Evaluate Sources" Handout.

The “Why Critically Evaluate Sources” Video.

The Evaluating Sources PowerPoint

Group Activity:

Together with a partner go to ://,29635/  
and evaluate the source and its argumentation. When going over the site note the use of “facts”, the absence of citations and primary evidence. Additionally, figure out the warrants used in the argumentation.

Supplemental Video about the importance of Evaluating Sources.

Homework for Wednesday 02/27/2013:

MAKE SURE you read all the instructions and submit your works according to all formatting requirements. Works violating the requirements will not be accepted!! The mentioned number of words is a part of those requirements.  

1) Create a new folder in your Homework folder, call it "Summary-Critique".

2) Write a !!detailed!! summary--no less than 200 words--of the the original medical research, its assumptions and conclusions. Save it as "Summary_Original Research" in the above-mentioned folder. 

3) Write a !!detailed!! summary--no less than 100 words--of Harriet Hall's critique of the original medical research. Save it as "Summary_Hall" in the above-mentioned folder.

4) Make a numbered list of points that Harriet Hall makes in his critique critique of Walton's research. Single out 4-5 points that undermine the original research findings and conclusions. Save this assignment as "Engineering Activity #1" the above mentioned folder.