Day 14: Plagiarism/Peer-Perception

Today we are discussing the notion of Plagiarism in academic writing and all the serious consequences that it causes for students copying somebody else's ideas and words.  

Have a look at these questions and answer them best as best as you can:

  • Why should we bother citing our sources? Wouldn’t it be better not to distract readers by tons of quotation marks and brackets in your text?
  • Have you ever heard of Plagiarism? What does that word mean?
  • How do people from Academia treat the idea of plagiarism in your home country?
  • Do you think it is all right to pretend that you have come up with millions of interesting ideas which in fact do not belong to you?
  • How would you feel if somebody “stole” your ideas from you?
  • What is unintentional plagiarism?
  • Have you ever heard of self-plagiarism?
No matter how people and law treat the notion of plagiarism in students’ home country, they have to remember that plagiarism in the United States is ALWAYS severely punished. 

In spite of the fact that Plagiarism is always punished, different educational institution use different Plagiarism policy. As a graduate student of the University of Illinois you have to be familiar with the Student Code of the University of Illinois. 

Follow this link to learn about the Academic Integrity Policy at the University of Illinois.

Interesting Articles on Plagiarism, discuss them with a partner:

Article #3 


Do not forget that we are having a library day on Wednesday, please make sure you come to the Undergraduate Library, room 291.

Write a peer-perception analysis (no less than 200 words) for your partner's paper, save it in your Class Notes folder before Wednesday, name it Peer Perception_YourPartner'sName. Do not forget to check if your partner has instances of plagiarism. Do not forget to ask your partner's email and send your peer perception to them. I promise they will be longing to get your feedback before the final submission of the assignment.