Day 22: CARS (Carving a Research Space)

Every research is unique, and it should ideally cover a topic that has not been widely discussed before to offer some contribution to the corpus. It means any time we start writing something we should carve our research space and determine the research niche that your work is going to occupy.  

Today you will learn to

--understand the three moves in the CARS model (establishing a research territory, establishing a niche, and occupying that niche)

--recognize these three moves in academic writing apply these moves in their own academic writing (specifically, their research paper introductions)

CARS PowerPoint

Assignment #1
Open the article “Sample Introduction” by Dias and de Andrade Melo and identify the three moves: establishing a research territory, establishing a niche, and occupying the niche. You should be able to find each move in the introduction of their article.

Handout # 1

Homework assignment:

1. Submit the final version of your literature review by 11:59 PM on Sunday 4/14/2013 to the Major Assignments folder.

2. This is a Supplementary Assignment! Open this Handout # 2, for another sample introduction using the CARS Model. Identify the three moves just as you did before, but this time also identify the steps used in each move. You can use Handout 1 for reference. Call the document CARS Practice and save t in your Homework folder.