Day 1: Welcome to ESL 501: Course Description, Ice-Breaker

It is my delight and pleasure to welcome you to the ESL 501 Writing Service Course that will help you learn more about using English for Academic Purposes.

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Main Objectives of the Course are:
-- To equip students with necessary tools that will help in their academic writing career;
--To develop research skills for various types of academic assignments expected of a graduate students at the University of Illinois;
--To develop critical reading skills that will facilitate the processing of academic texts;
--To practice listening and speaking in the classroom context.

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NO works are accepted after deadlines!! So, please make sure you are always aware of all the deadlines.


1. Review the First Day Handout once again.
2. Please make sure you are all present on Wednesday to take the diagnostic test. Missing the diagnostic test day will result in a number of problems, so please make sure you show up!!