Day 15: Library Day

Today we are having a Library Day! Make sure you go straight to room # 291 of the undergraduate library to listen to a wonderful lecture delivered by Emma and Cate which will help you learn something new and exciting about the system of the U of I libraries and ways to find good, credible sources for your research, so  that you were not tempted to go to Google any time you are assigned to write a paper.

See you all in the evening!!


The final draft of your Summary-Critique is due on Wednesday 03/13, 2013. Submit it to your Major Assignments Dropbox folder by 11:59 PM, call the document "Summary-Critique_Final".   

NO works will be accepted after the deadline! The deadline is absolutely firm!! If you are still having problems with this assignment, come and see me in my office to discuss what is unclear to you.

Looking forward to seeing your works!