Day 6: PIE Paragraph Structure

Finishing the discussion started last lesson.

Have a look at a collection of visual representations of written organizational patterns from different cultures. Notice how straight and to the point the English version is.

At the beginning of this lesson we will review Thesis Statement and do this exercise.

Paragraph Structure

Every paragraph is a unified coherent unit, all the elements (sentences) of it should be interconnected and have to contribute to paragraph's coherence.

Paragraph is...
Definition #1
Definition #2
Definition #3
Definition #4

One of the several ways to make sure your paragraph is coherent is to make sure you:
a) your paragraph contains only ONE main idea!!
b) follow the PIE paragraph structure. (Open this PPT to learn more about what it is).

PIE Structure Worksheet


Create a Word document called Engineering activity #4Choose two paragraphs form your diagnostic essay, copy and paste them into that document. Write a detailed analysis about what makes your paragraphs weak/strong from the point of view of a sound and healthy argument. (Make sure you point out the things that you did right).
Finally write the revised version of those paragraph. Make sure you include Is (Illustrations) from the article.
Click here to access the article.