Day 18: Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography

I hope you have had a great Break and are ready to start working on your writing again!
Today we will be talking about the Vital Importance of the Annotated Bibliography. You will learn how to write the AB, how to use it during the process of your research, and how to benefit MOST from writing it.

Open this Annotated Bibliography PPT

Look through your handout while I am lecturing.

Pair Assignment #1:

Work with your partner. Evaluate the effectiveness of every AB section in your handout on pages 2 and 3.

Pair Assignment #2:

Read this article on Teenage Drivers, then working with your partner try to decide which information you would include in each section of your AB for this source. Open a Word document and write AB for this source.


1. As your probably remember you are required to have no less than SIX sources for your Final Individual Research Paper (IRP). Start seriously looking for sources if you still have not done so!!

The final draft of your Annotated Bibliography for all of your sources (after which changes in sources are not allowed and which is a separate task--as you might also remember) will be due on 4/7/ 2013 (Sunday) by 11:59 PM.   

Submit several entries (for 2-3 of your sources) by Monday (4/1/2013). Make sure your entries for EACH source contain all 4 parts (Citation, Summary of the Source, Relevance to your Research paper--IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART, so make sure you pay special attention to that one!! and the reliability of the source.)

2. Please bring on Monday all the sources that you will have found by that time. I will be circulating around the room being happy to answer all of your questions that your have so far about your paper. So, bring all the questions you have!! ;)
Good luck!!