Day 5: Thesis Statement in Academic Writing

Today you will learn about Thesis Statements in academic writing, their main characteristics and functions they perform in one's paper.

Thesis Statement

Let us first discuss the following ideas that will help me check your background knowledge about the topic:

--What is the thesis?
--Where does it go?
--What role does it play in an EAP (English for Academic Purposes) essay?

Now go to this PPT to get a better idea about a Thesis Statement in Academic Writing.
Thesis Statement Critique Exercise

Maintaining parallelism is always a must in academic writing. Open this document to do an exercise on parallel constructions.  


Go through the Parallelism exercise at home. (Not to submit, just for your information)

Part One:
Create a Word Document called Engineering Activity #3. Save it in your Homework folder. Go through the comments that your peers wrote in the Thesis Critique Exercise that we were working on in class.
Part Two:
Then write a detailed analysis about all the weaknesses and strengths of your thesis statement, respond to your peers' comments, reflect on whether or not your readers correctly understand the message you were sending in it. NOTE!! You do not have to always agree with what your peers wrote about your thesis statement, and, please, do not forget to write about the things that you think you did right. However, you will still have to prove why your thesis is so great!

Part Three:
Finally re-write your thesis statement according to all the rules and conventions of the English Academic Writing and based on the improvements suggested by your peers.

Good luck!!