Day 16: Argumentative vs. Problem-Solution

Today we will have a closer look at the difference between an argumentative and a problem solution paper.

You will learn to:
--Differentiate between problem-solution and argumentative essays.
--Identify problem-solution and argumentative by content, not words or concepts.
--Construct an appropriate thesis statement for their research paper.

Answer the following question:

--What is the difference between an argumentative and a problem solution paper?
--What language do we use in those kinds of research papers? Is the language different or the same?
--If language is different, then in what way?
--Can we combine those two types in one paper? How?

Go through this pool of argumentative and problem-solution topics, decide which is which. Then create a table in a Word document, put all the argumentative topics into the left column and all the problem-solution ones into the right one. Discuss the results with your partner. Identify all the specific features of all those two kinds of questions. Can the structure of a question give you a hint about what kind of topic it is? Discuss that with your partner too.     

Open this PowerPoint

Have a look at these two papers and then work with this Worksheet.

Sample Research Paper 1
Sample Research Paper 2


You must have thesis approved by the instructor on or before Wednesday, March 13th.
Submit your Summary-Critique this Wednesday at 11:59 PM.