Day 23: Peer Perception of IRP Literature Review

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENTS: There will be no class on Wednesday. It will be cancelled because of the individual conferences that will be held this week. 

Click here to sign up for your individual conference. Failure to attend it is equal to an absence in class, so please make sure you come!

Peer Perception of IRP Literature Review

Today you will receive your peer's feedback on your Literature Review. It is a great chance for you to look at your work from a new fresh angle and to make sure your intended "message" is the same as the "message" that your readers receive. If there is a breakdown in communication, fix it in the final version of your IRP.

Peer Perception Per Se--Follow these steps carefully:

1. Open this Peer Perception Worksheet together with your partner's literature review. If you do not have a partner, tell me, you will have to email your lit review to one of the absentees who will give you their feedback and email it back to you by Wednesday.
Cc the email to me:

2. Give your assigned partner a comprehensive feedback following all the questions and answering them in a color other than black. Fill out the "Questions for the Reviewer" part. MAKE SURE!! you are giving a constructive and comprehensive feedback and are not writing something like: "Good/Bad", "Clear/Unclear"...

3. Before the end of the class talk to your partner, and tell them about the general impression that their lit review made.

4. Email your feedback to your partner.    

5. After you receive the feedback from your partner, fill out the "Questions for the Writer" part. 


1. Finish your Peer Perception if your did not in class, email it to your partner. Fill out the "Questions for the Writer" part--or finish working on it. Upload the lit review OF YOUR OWN WORK to your Class Notes folder. Call it "Feedback on YOURNAME's Lit Review". For instance, "Feedback on Justin's Lit Review".

2. Sign up for an individual conference with me this week.

3. NO CLASS on Wednesday 4/17/2013.

4. Continue working on your IRP, do not "backslide"; think about the possible outline of the body of your IRP.
We will cover outlines next Monday.

5. !! Attention!! To pass the course you will have to write the second reflective essay on the following topic "How the ESL 501 Writing Course influenced my writing". Please reflect on how your writing has changed as the result of you taking this course. If you feel that your writing has not changed at all, then please talk about the possible reasons of why that could be the case. 
Submit this work as "Reflective Essay #2" to your Reflective Essays folder by or before 11:59 PM on 4/30/ 2013.